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We are Collecting:

•Plates, bowls, glasses, mugs
•Knives, forks, spoons
•Pots, pans, baking trays, cutting boards
•Spatulas, can openers, stirrers, cutting knives
•Oven mitts, dish towel
•Extras welcome: toasters, coffee makers, blenders, mixing bowls, table linens
• Other small kitchen tools and gadgets

See below for items we are not collecting

Drop Off Locations:

leave on bench at left of duplex
7968 West 4th St.  90048

Laurel Canyon:
Drop-off by Front door
2524 Greenvalley Rd.  90046

Drop-off on front porch
947 Hyperion Ave.   90029

Valley Village:
Drop-off on Porch
5822 Morella Ave,  91607

new address in Venice:
leave on front deck
1257 Vienna Way, 90291

West Hills:
23537 Windom St.   91304

Check back regularly as we add new drop-off locations.

Due to a bag log we
are currently not accepting donations

Please reach out if you can offer a drop off location -
we're especially looking for a location on the 'east-side'


We are not collecting:

-Chipped or dirty items
-Wine and shot glasses
-Highly specialized cooking utensils
-Cook books
-Most electronic items 
-Holiday themed dishware 
-Paper plates and plastic silverware


If in doubt - Ask us!

How To:

to assemble complete kits on your own - each should contain:
4 each - plates, bowls, mugs, glasses
4 each - knives, forks, and spoons
A pan and A cooking pot (preferably with lid)
A baking tray
A cutting board
A sharp knife
A spatula, a spoon and a few other cooking utensils
A Dish Towel and an oven mitt or pot holder
A can opener
Add 2-3 Extras such as a coffee maker, toaster, dish rack, platter, mixing bowl etc into each kit

Use this printable list with our logo,
Click Here.  This Fits Avery Label #94254 or it can be printed on Paper.Place it on the outside of the box and be sure to check off all items and list extras.   
Please be sure everything fits in one box that can close securely, and you've wrapped breakables well.

For more details on how to build a kit check out these tips including a video!

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