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How To:

Each  kit should contain:
4 each - plates, bowls, mugs, glasses
4 each - knives, forks, and spoons
A pan and A cooking pot (preferably with lid)
A baking tray/pan or casserole dish
A cutting board
A Large and small cutting knife
A spatula, a cooking spoon and a few more small utensils
A Dish Towel and oven mitt or pot holder
A can opener
Add a few Extras such as a coffee maker, toaster, dish rack, serving thing, or mixing bowl (etc) to each kit
-Minimize the WEIGHT of the box as much as possible - For instance, if you put in a Blender, be sure the other extras are light.
Please make sure everything fits in one box that can close securely, wrap all breakable items, and place the checklist of enclosed items on the outside of the box, including added extras if any. 

-Chipped or dirty items
-Wine or shot glasses
-Cook books

-Highly specialized cooking utensils
-large or heavy serving or 
electric items 
or religious dish ware 
-Paper/plastic plates or flatware
-Large/heavy serving things

If the kit is not complete - DO NOT SEAL IT. 

Check out this video for more tips on packing up a kit!

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